Our Team

We have the globe covered when it comes to experience so feel comforted that Custodian Travel & Cruise will ensure you have that wonderful travel experience plus more. We go the extra mile so you can enjoy something unique, your travel experiences will be the envy of all your friends which is what makes our work so rewarding.

Vikki Connors

Travel consultant

Vikki has many years experience in travel and has returned to Custodian Travel after time out having her 2 children.  She has travelled extensively though USA and Canada, Mexico, Europe, Morocco, Asia and the South Pacific. Vikki worked in the UK and Europe with Trafalgar Tours.

Favourite destination: Vietnam

Favourite city: Boston

Anna Dementiev

Travel consultant

Anna has been in the Travel Industry for over 15 years and has recently returned to Custodian Travel & Cruise after a few years raising her family. She has travelled through Europe, USA and Canada, Egypt, Israel, South America, Asia, South Pacific and New Zealand. Anna speaks fluent Croatian and is very experienced in travel to Croatia.

Favourite destination: Vietnam

Favourite city: Zagreb

Angela Ficarra

Travel consultant

Angela has spent over 20 years in the Travel Industry and has travelled extensively throughout Europe, Egypt, Asia, South Africa, USA and Canada, Caribbean, South Pacific and New Zealand. Having an Italian heritage and of course speaking fluent Italian, Angela regularly heads back to Italy thus making her our resident expert on Europe and particularly Italy. She has cruised in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and the South Pacific.

Favourite destination: Italy

Favourite city: Rome

Carolyn Harwood

Travel consultant

Carolyn also has over 20 years experience in the Travel Industry and lived and worked for 10 years in Vancouver, Canada making her our Canadian Specialist. She has travelled widely throughout Europe, USA and Canada, Asia, South Pacific and New Zealand and has cruised in Hawaii, Alaska and the South Pacific.

Favourite destination: Canada

Favourite city:  Vancouver

James Phyland


James has been travelling to the common and not so common destinations for 25 years for work and leisure. He has travelled extensively both as an independent solo traveler and on family vacations (3 children) so knows how to make travelling a breeze when there are varying demands. James equally loves the laid back relaxation of 10 days in an overwater bungalow at the Maldives as much as an action packed speed trip to Tokyo and the Nagano ski fields. A firm believer that travel is within any ones reach he is passionate about ensuring all of our travel dreams come true. For those time poor, someone wanting a working holiday, or for designing a fully guided tour based on your special interest, James will tailor a travel package to suit your needs.

Favourite destination:  Japan

Favourite city:  Jerusalem